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♚ The world's as ugly as sin, and almost as delightful ♚

{ If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough }

24 February 1990
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'They keep on burying our dead~
They keep on planting their bones in the ground,
But they won't grow~
The sun doesn't help,
The rain doesn't help,
And all we've got is just a giant crop of names,
And dates..'


H u l l o;
I'm from Norway, it's awesome over here, so for all you non Norwegians- sucks to be you. (all of my sympathies- sort of) I like many a things, most prominently writing and nature- also art. Sketchings are my favorite, nothing to artsy-fartsy. Pancakes are great. Cats arn't too shabby, and I love winter, but hate the cold. I breathe books and think most alcoholic beverages taste like shite. I'm also extrememly fickle, more or less.
A b o u t;
This journal is pretty much Friends Only, mostly due to my useless blubbering and writings and such, but I'm always open to making new friends! ;)
Oblig. Fandom Rant;
I have so many lovely little fandoms that I don't know where to start- but Harry Potter is brilliant! So's Doctor Who, not to mention the Moff's new Sherlock show. I'm a bit obsessed with Stargate: Atlantis to be honest, though that has alot to do with the brilliant fandom! so much love for that series, I can't even.

Everybody believes in something and everybody,
by virtue of the fact that they believe in something,
use that something to support their own existence.
- Frank Zappa

I claimed Allen Walker ♥ Howard Link over @ pairingclaimage~!

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and when we kissed
it didnt feel poisonous
and when you cried
i dried off your blue eyes
she smiles at me as she is falling asleep
says "we've gotta live
the best we know how to."